"A confronting, educational and entertaining,

must-read for women

who want to style themselves and

gain unshakeable confidence!"

This is the book that will change

the way YOU will feel about

WHO you see in the mirror!

With more than an estimated 80% of women feeling negatively about their self-image, something needs to change!

Everyone seems to be saying that women should BE more confident, but HOW, do women actually LEARN to be

more confident?

This book was written because I just cannot stand to see women talking down to themselves!

As women, what we see in our own mirror is often much less than what others see! We are so hard on ourselves. In fact, we are our own worst critics and it’s affecting the lives we live every day, whether we realise it or not!

I have been working as a Personal Stylist since 2008 and I absolutely love my work. It’s such an amazing and rewarding career. But over the years, I have also been deeply shocked and saddened by discovering that there are too many women out there that feel so bad about who they see in the mirror.

So I want to share with you, the Style Fundamentals, (the kind of stuff that Stylists would show you in an actual style consultation!) plus some stories, actions steps and fantastic insights, from some awesome women who successfully work in the areas of, Mind-set,

Body-Confidence, and Dating & Relationship Coaching.

We will share our knowledge and experiences with YOU around the really DAMAGING IMPACT that a negative self-body image actually has on your life! And we will show you how to STOP IT!

This book is also WORTH READING because, even at the full retail price of $29.95, you will get the same confidence-boosting knowledge and style advice that you would normally receive at a Style Consultation, for just

10% of the price!

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About the Author

Janine Davison is a Personal Stylist working in Perth, Western Australia.

Janine has spent the past 10+ years as the Owner/Operator of the popular Style Agency, Shopnfriends helping women to find their authentic style with friendly Style Consultations and personal shopping trips.

She also manages the Shopnfriends Style Team (certified Personal Stylists) and runs a Fashion Stylist Course, helping others to break into the Image Industry.

Janine is also a wife, mother of 3 adult children and a grand-mother (Nee-Nee) to 2 beautiful grandchildren.